Corporate Profile
  • The history of Tokyo-soksei-seika Co.,LTD(trade name is Marusoku) dates back to 1948 when the Company`s founder Kichitaro  Otake commenced vegetable and fruits trading. Since then Marusoku has evolved and grown over 70years .With good relationship base on approximately 60 agricultural product area, Marusoku, one of the leading vegetable and fruits wholesaler is engaged in trading,import,export,as well as business investment in Japan.
    Company Name
    (Trade Name)
    Tokyo Sokusei Seika Corporation
    Established October 1948
    Representative Yasuhiro Otake

    23-7, Tsukiji 6-chome,Chuo-ku,Tokyo, 104-0045, Japan
    (TEL) 81-(3)-3542-7413

    Sales Offices

    3 Domestic

    Ota Sales Office
    4F TSK Building,8-2, Tokai 3-chome,Ota-ku,Tokyo,143-0001,Japan


    Toyosu Sales Office
    B-33, 2F,Seika-to Building,3-1,Toyosu 6-chome,Koto-ku, Tokyo,135-0061,Japan


    Osaka Sales Office
    Mantani-Shoten Area 1-86,Noda 1-chome,Fukushima-ku,Osaka-city, Osaka,553-0005,Japan

    Number of Employees 91 (July 2018)
    Main Business Vegetable & Fruits Wholesaler
    Website https://www.tokyo-sokusei-seika.co.jp


  • Company Motto
  • FRESH CHALLENGE   -Innovating Freshness-
    FIT Providing fresh, quality produce to FIT our customers' needs
    RELAY Processing operation carefully controlling temperature to maintain freshness (Coldchain) in our RELAY of the product
    ENJOY We strive to create services that customers consistently ENJOY
    SUPPLY Reliable SUPPLY of products sought by customers
    HOPE We bring to life what local producers HOPE in our action
    Tokyo Sokusei Seika Corporation specializes in the wholesale of fruit and vegetables designated by the JAPAN Agricultural Cooperatives(JA) and the Federation of Economic Organizations. We are the only company licenced to provide this intermediary wholesale in Tokyo and Osaka, and we pride ourselves in our stable supply of fresh, safe produce.


  • Message from the president and CEO
  • It is no surprise that the agricultural market of Japan has drastically changed within the past decade. The aging and decreasing number of farmers along with the increase of imported goods has put a stress on Japan's ability to provide quality produce for its own citizens. Our declining self-sufficiency and immense food waste in our country are further proof that a difference in values​ between consumers and farmers has arisen, a major issue for the future. In order to protect our indispensable farmers, it is necessary to properly educate consumers and create a social movement through their involvement.

    In recognition of this substantial turning point in our history, we have updated and are promoting the developing new market not only in Japan but abroad as well. The Tokyo Sokusei Seika Corporation is committed to social and economic development and ultimately the betterment of our citizens' lives as a member of the global agricultural product distribution community.


    As we recognize that we are faced with this substantial turning point in Japan, we have updated and are promoting the developing new market not only Japan but also overseas in the future.    
    Our Tokyo-sokusei-seika is committed to contributing to social and economic development to the betterment of people`s life by helping esolve social issue through business activities as a member of the global food and agricultural product distribute community.     

    Yasuhiro Otake
    President and CEO,